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Wireless Security Camera System For Small Business

Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Security System for a Business?
    I work for a small business that is looking to install it's own security system. I've done a lot of searching but I cannot find a system which allows you to do the installation yourself. Does anyone know of a company that sells security system components, such as security cameras, keypads, and the like without a contractual commitment to the company?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on your location. You could always try Ebay. I would not rely on any hardware store / big box stuff as the quality is suspect. Also beware of some of the online stores who sell off-shore knock-off garbage.

      You could also contact most any alarm company and they would probably sell you either new or used equipment after all its a fast few bucks (I know I would).

      Thing is, I don't know what kind of business you work for but from experience, it is sometimes better to pay someone who knows how to do the job rather than paying someone else to try to figure out how to do the job then do it. I know the temptation well though, I have been guilty of the same.

      I have written some articles on security related topics which may be of help. You can find them on my website at http://www.keepsafesystems.ca. Since alot of DIY systems tend to be wireless, you might want to check out an article on wireless security flaws in the archive before you jump into that pile of (*&&^*(.

      Good Luck

    Do you know where i can get a spy camera?
    a little tiny one?

    i always wanted to be a spy =)

    • ANSWER:
      A good one can be found at: http://www.spycameras.com/showroom.html

      Color CCD Micro Size Wireless Pinhole Camera System
      Ideal for home or business use and can be concealed easily. Place the camera in the desired location and attach the receiver to a dvr for recording. 9

      If that is too expensive, you can get a wired black and white camera for at http://www.spyville.com/tiny-spy-cam.html:

      Tiny Black and White Spy Cam Record video easily with this miniature spy camera that can be easily connected to a VCR or TV. The spy cam can be used for a variety of different security applications; ideal for monitoring entry ways, children's rooms, garage, home office, shop or any other area in your home or business. Because of the small size these cameras can easily be discretely hidden.

    Please help, Are there any cheap digital video recorders with the "loop" function?
    Im working on a project and Im using a VCR, a power converter and a small wireless security camera. I'm installing these items in my car so am I am able to record while i drive(i.e for accidents that may happen, or in case i get a bogus ticket, i can have something to take to court)
    BUT the problem is that its too expensive....a VCR cost like to , the cheapest power converter i can find is for a good one, and a Wireless camera no less than .
    I would like to be able to create a small business out of this but i don't want to charge alot of money due to the fact that most people may not want to pay 0 for a recording system in their car.......
    are there any Digital recorders cameras that have a "loop" function so i can keep recording 24/7 until something happens? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I used to get a catalog from All Phase Security. They had time lapse VCR's and the like. I would bet they now have a website.

    how does new technology help crime and prevention?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay... question for you. If someone was going to break into your home and you had a security system that beeped when they got close to the house, would you not go and check it out, or maybe call someone for help??

      If you had a video camera that took a picture of someone trying to break into your car, would the police then be able to catch that person more easily?

      If a crook had a way of robbing an ATM machine using a computer, would this be easier than mugging people for money?

      Is it easier to steal from a business if you can shut all the power down to the building, or if you have to try getting past all the security systems one at a time??

      Technology offers many ways of committing new crimes and preventing the same, depending on how the technology is used. Smaller, lighter, wireless video cams now allow just about anyone to install one to watch for people trying to steal. Cell phones allow people to call for help when a payphone can't be found.

      Computers allow predators to find new victims online through the internet, without risking themselves. Infra-red detectors help thieves keep track of security guards so they can steal more effectively without getting caught.

      All these little things came about from different uses of recent technology developments. Check out more at the Discovery Channel on cable tv or at their website... lots of useful tidbits there.

wireless security camera system for small business