Home Security Systems Ratings Consumer Reports

Finding the right home security alarm system is important. Whether it is a simple home security alarm system or a customized monitored alarm system you have to make a choice. Let this article be a simple guide for you.

There are two major things to consider when installing your home alarm systems and here they are:


1. Survey the entire area of your home and decide how many doors, windows and entry ways you want to be switched or monitored with your alarm systems. It is very vital that you will not leave any of these entry ways unattached, would be burglars have very creative ways and they may see a chance to use it for intrusion.

2. Decide where you want to mount you control panels and keypads. Most want to place a keypad near the main door. You also may want it near your bedroom door. The control panel is the brains of the whole alarm systems, whether it may be the wireless or the monitored system. These control panels can be programmed to let you turn the systems on also its components off and on.

3. Measure the distance on how far are the doors and windows to the control panel will give you an ideal on how much wire will be consumed. You can also determine where the wires will be routed when you choose the monitored alarm system. On the other hand, determine also the where sensors are best mounted for the wireless alarm systems.

4. Determine whether you want the monitored alarm systems, which is connected to an alarm monitoring company 24 hrs a day, 7 days week or the wireless alarm systems which runs on motion sensors mounted around your home and are connected to a control panel.

5. Consider your lifestyle in making your choice for the alarm system. Do you have a family member that gets up in the middle of the night, or a huge pet that sleeps in the kitchen area that can cause to activate to sensors and send out a false alarm signal? Such circumstance will influence in choosing the type of alarm system you will install.


1. At this point you may need the assistance of a professional to help you decide which type of alarm to use in your home. You may let them do an estimate or you can just discuss with them your need and you can go on from there. But before you let them in your property, you have to verify their identifications. Remember burglars are very coning and you may not know that you just revealed information of your home to burglar himself.

2. Choose a system with a control panel that can monitor all the sensors placed around your home. Each of the entry ways connected with a sensor is called a zone. Make sure that all the zones are actively connected to the panel; this may allow you up to eight zones.

3. While on the other hand, the wired system may require a lot more work in installing the system. You still have to drill holes in the walls to route the wires. Keep in mind that installing a monitored system may be difficult when your home is still under construction.

4. Make sure that the system that you have chosen can accept fire-protection sensor, combustible gas detector. It can also detect flood and offers panic button for family members that are elderly or sickly.

home security systems ratings consumer reports

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